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Fabric Wristbands

Fabric Wristbands are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for the large open air festivals and other major events. Over other more conventional methods, they offer long-term durability with a high level of security, whilst being more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Event organisers and sponsors enjoy the increased visibility and opportunity to promote both brand and corporate awareness.

Full colour (CMYK) fine detail and design that only dye sublimation can provide, is reproduced on 15 mm wide polyester cloth tape. Total security is provided by the aluminium seal that prevents transfer and misuse once applied with a custom hand tool.

With all production and assembly controlled at our secure UK base, the risk of counterfeiting is considerably reduced by the short supply chain.

Producing wristbands in-house enables us to supply at short notice without the risk and uncertainty that can be experienced from other sources of supply. Close communication and total accessibility throughout the design and production process guarantees an unparalleled quality of service and supply for a product that is critical to a successful event.

Wristbands are finished utilising a unique aluminium seal and closed with swaging pliers.

In our opinion, this system produces the most secure and tamper-proof wristband currently available on the market.