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Plastic and Metal Fixings Lanyards

A variety of fixings are available to complete your lanyard. Choose from metal trigger clips, swivel dog clips, Health and Safety breakers, detachable clip locks and mobile phone loops.

There are also many accessories available for your lanyards – from rigid or soft vinyl ID card holders to printed laminates and plastic cards. We can also supply a range of snap back YoYo reels.

Please ask for details.

Product Holding Lanyard

Item Product No:
Safety Break  
15 mm SBR 015
20 mm SBR 020
25 mm SBR 025
Side Release Clip Lock  
20mm SRCL 020
25mm SRCL 025
Centre Release Clip Lock  
20mm CRCL 020
25mm CRCL 025
Swinghead Clip Lock  
20mm SHCL 020
25mm SHCL 025
Trigger Clip  
15mm TCL 015
20mm TCL 020
Lobster Clip  
20mm LOB 020
25mm LOB 025
Dog Clip  
20mm DOG 020
20mm CROC 020
Mobile Phone Loop  
One size MPL 010
Badge Reels  
20mm BRE 020
Product Holding Ring  
17mm PHR 017
Bottle Holder  
One Size BHA 010