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Plasticard Passes

The latest in long life identity cards can be printed in 4 colours (CMYK) on both sides and include variable data such as photo ID, names and numbers or bar codes. Plasticards can also be finished with coloured hot foils or holograms sub surface or surface signature strips.

The standard sizes are 100 x 70mm or 85 x 54mm with the option of bespoke shapes to suit your event requirements. If you wish to supply your own artwork speak to our sales team for specifications.

Sticky Passes

Self adhesive single use satin passes can be printed in one, two or three spot colours by screen process for bright vibrant colours, or in full colour on our digital press.

The standard sizes are 100 x 75mm rectangle, 100mm triangle, 100mm diameter circle and 75mm square.

Laminate Passes

Laminates can be printed in 4 colours (CMYK) on both sides and are encapsulated in 360micron film, punched with a slot to attach a lanyard or strap clip. The standard finished size is A7 with an insert size of 67 x 92mm – although any size is possible.

Speak to our sales team if you have a specific requirement for holograms or mirror foil finish passes.